The Winter 2010 "Back to Basics" Man and Meat Festival
Saturday 13 November 2010
3pm until...

Phil and Don's Chesapeake Bay Special Oysters
Ron's Wild Boar and Veal Bolognese with Pasta
Slow-roasted Side of Beef with Miss Molly's Dry Rub
Very fresh Venison Many Many Ways with Sauces
Flaming Saganaki Cheese
Hearth Fired Artisanal Garlic Bread
Deep-fried Corn Bread Fritters
and Baked Potatoes
Spiced Mulled Wine Heated With Blazing Pokers
Michael's Infamous Chocolate Brownies
Max's Dessert: Cannolis a la Doily
Cigars and Port
No Women, Children or Green Vegetables
Everything in the World to Drink
No Time Limits and Nowhere To Go

photography and art design by Michael G. Stewart designed and powered by Cherry Valley Communications