Argentinian Meat Swords
Our hand-forged Argentinian Meat Swords are patterned after those of the gauchos, the colorful cowboys of the wild pampas in South America.

The spirit, fun and flavor of old-time-smokey-outdoor-over-the-fire grilling cannot be beat.

Made of heavy-duty 1" x 3/16" stainless steel, they come in two sizes:

  • Large: 36" long x 16" wide = $48 + s/h
  • Medium: 34" long x 12" wide = $42 + s/h
  • Small: What's the point?

We put a ring at each end of the cross-piece so that you can "dangle" the meat if you want to.

The swords are very easy to clean with steel wool, dish washing liquid and the garden hose.

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We attach meat on the swords with a combination of long metal BBQ skewers and twisted re-bar wire that ties the skewers to the rings at the end of the crosspiece. We "scissor" the meat on each side of the sword with the skewers so the meat doesn't flop off when you flip the sword in order to cook the other side of the meat.

Trust us. You'll see what we mean the first time you do this and then you will figure out what works best for you.

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We'll also throw in what we call a "rocket launcher" -- a piece of copper pipe, flattened on one end that you bang into the ground at an angle in the dirt floor of your firepit. The sword slides down the pipe, then you can adjust the height as well as rotate the meat. (Look closely at the bottom of the swords).

DISCLAIMER: Heat-resistant gloves are your responsibility. Don't touch either the sword or the rocket launcher without adequate insulation between you and them when they're hot! OUCH!

ALWAYS BE RESPONSIBLE with outdoor fires.

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PS: Use a scrap of 2x4 to buffer the blows of the hammer when you are tamping the rocket launcher down into the ground.

The copper is soft and will buckle if you strike it head on.

If you do manage to mangle up the lip of the rocket launcher just use a half-round file to ream it out.

Start over -- try not to be a jar head next time.

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