Summer 2017

Sunday 23 July 2017 from 2pm until


Don and Rob's Oysters a la Uncle Phil
Rick's Tuna Ceviche with Yellow Watermelon
Boris' Thai Prawns
Neil's Grilled Beef Short Ribs
George's Vietnamese Pork and Clams
Johnnie's Szechuan Roast Ducks
Arthur, Michael and Barry's Roast Pig and Noodles with Quail Eggs
Paul's Asian Salmon Cakes
Praske's Ninja Cigers
David's Sake Tea
Andy's Tuna Tataki
Sol and Jonnie's Spring Rolls
Big Mike's Brisket BBQ

Thanks to Max and Boris (why are there so many pictures of prawns?)
for the pictures of a totally wet and glorious day!


No Women, Children, Electronic Devices or Green Vegetables
Everything in the World to Drink
No Time Limits and Nowhere To Go

photography and art design by Michael G. Stewart designed and powered by Cherry Valley Communications