Saturday, October 18th, 2014 from 2pm until...

The MENU...
Neil's sweet/salty roasted pecans glazed with a bourbon liquor
Rick = flaming cognac shrimp and baguette
Phil"s MUST HAVE oysters + reisling
Rick + Phil = venison "fish"'+ bourbon/rosemary/cherry reduction sauce
Phil + Don = Lardooned Venison Haunch with Garlic and herbs
Jarad = Master Prick's Meat (Charcuterie) and Wine
George K = spirited pulled pork asian style on soft tacos
Barry W = porchetta, wrap it in bacon, drizzle with a Bourbon glaze, and offer a whiskey and habanero BBQ dipping sauce
Andy = Campfire Beef Bourguignon
Adam = Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey BBQ sauce over stir fried beef
Praske = Seegars -- the good ones!

Boris's Great Grandmother's Chocolate Amaretto Pie


No Women, Children, Electronic Devices or Green Vegetables
Everything in the World to Drink
No Time Limits and Nowhere To Go

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