The 2011 Fall Fowl Friends Festival
Sunday 16 October 2011
3pm until...

Hand-made gin in a hootch still will accompany...

~~~ Starters ~~~

Phil and Don's "must-have" South Carolina style steamed Oysters
Scotch Eggs
Boozy Fudge

~~~ The Main Event ~~~

Ron's "to-die-for" Cognac and Mushroom Risotto
will accompany the firepit roasting of...
6 elusive barbequed Chuckar Partridges a la Pizza
6 aristocratic Ringneck Pheasants
4 manly lardooned Guinea Fowl
1 sophisticated Muscovy Duck
Happy Surprises:
George's dry-rubbed pork ribs
Wyatt's Mexican ai-chihuahua

~~~ Dessert ~~~

Max's "marvelous" Desserts
Michael's "infamous" Chocolate Brownies
Cigars and Port

No Women, Children, Electronic Devices or Green Vegetables
Everything in the World to Drink
No Time Limits and Nowhere To Go


"The Return of Dr. Woo"
-- a MGS film --

A classic post-prandial re-telling by the firepit of of the
ancient tale of the venerated Chinese diagnostician Dr. Woo and his toughest case.

Spun masterfully -- by popular demand --
by the President of the Gentlemen's Tasting Club of Olney, Maryland.

We begin two minutes into our story...

photography and art design by Michael G. Stewart designed and powered by Cherry Valley Communications