Pork and Lamb
"Oink, oink...a'la!" -- Miss Molly

Miss Molly's Legendary Original Recipe Meat Rub

...is all over a rack of pork ribs (like "white-on-rice" as we say)
and sitting happily in the old crockpot.

The ribs are with the Spicy Rub.

This works perfectly with lamb, too.

We're having a big to-do today and folks have all different sorts of taste so we're also doing a pork shoulder on the grill with the Mild Rub.
The same with lamb.

With both grill and crockpot, the two keys are...


You might have to fight a little with your grill to keep it as low as possible (such as cutting off 1 side of the flame and putting the meat on the other). Every grill is a beast to be tamed...improvise, but keep the lid closed!

Let's talk about what the meaning of "done" is...

The Government says the internal temperture of cooked pork should be 160 degrees. In our experience this will also give you a piece of shoe leather.

Miss Molly likes her pork at 145-150 degrees and nobody has keeled over yet. This picture is after taken 2 hours on the grill and El Puerco is ready-to-go!

The meat is slightly pink, tender, juicy and the people go WILD!

It's up to you...shoe 'em or feed 'em.

Here's Miss Molly's special trick to make it super juicy and tender:

IMMEDIATELY wrap this pig in a blanket of tin foil and let it lie down for a little rest inside of a paper bag for 30 minutes before carving. (You can trust Miss Molly. It's really in there...)

DO NOT be buffaloed by the pig-headed members of your people...
(is this what they call a mixed metaphor?)
...into serving the meat too soon.

PLAN ACCORDINGLY with the serving time of your other sides.

Here's the pork roast plated up. My, my, my...


What about the piggie-in-the-crockpot?

Well, here it is in all it's glory!


photography and art design by Michael G. Stewart designed and powered by Cherry Valley Communications