Beef and Veal
"Moo moo tra la!" -- Miss Molly

Miss Molly's Legendary Original Recipe Meat Rub rubbed on the meat.

In this case, we've got 2 nice beef briskets that are gonna
give their all for the cause. (This could be any part of the cow...)

One with Spicy and the other with Mild!

It's the same with veal.

Here they are on the grill after being turned one time.

Slow cook these rascals on a low temperature and don't fool around with them. Let 'em sit. These took 2 hours.

Depending on how finicky your grill is (like ours), you might want to experiment with putting them on one side, with no heat after the first turn.

Whatever the time of cooking and cut of meat, the deal is to cook them SLOW and then remove them when they hit 145 degrees after stabbing in your meat thermometer.

Time lapse photography: 2 hours later.

Here's how to make them super juicy! IMMEDIATELY wrap them in tin foil and let them have a little nap on the counter top for 30 minutes. Put them in a rolled-up paper bag. Really.

Again, don't fool with them! Don't be pressured by well-meaning loved ones into making your move too soon -- cowboy up! (Have a cool beverage somewhere if you are the nervous type).

Make sure you time the other items on the menu accordingly if there are other cooks in the kitchen...!

Open 'em up, slice and serve immediately with all the fixin's.

Smack your lips triple times!


Time to Eat!

Mouth-waterin' beef brisket, delicious mushroom caps stuffed with artichioke, spinach and feta, Miss Molly's famous orzo "mac-n-cheese", chopped herbs straight from the garden and fresh Maryland strawberries!

Go to war, Miss Agnes!


photography and art design by Michael G. Stewart designed and powered by Cherry Valley Communications